Permanent Cosmetics is a mastered art and is regulated as a form of tattooing in the state of Missouri. Regulations vary per state. It is recommended to verify an individual's artistry, training and licensure vs. certificates as credentials.  Here at Flawless & Permanent Cosmetics Training Institute St. Louis (MO), we meet all state inspections and licensure for tattoo establishments.

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Permanent cosmetic tattooing increases your business revenue, and offers your clients renewing,        life-changing services that builds self-confidence.

In 2009, the State of Missouri regulated Permanent Cosmetics requiring licensure under Board of Tattooing, Body Piercing, & Branding. 

  • Anyone requiring any person(s) i.e cosmetologist, nail technician, (medical) esthetician, nurse, (M.D. exempt) performing such procedures must complete 300 training hours and minimum of 50+ procedures under the supervision of a licensed tattooist in the same specialty.


  • I have developed a fundamental & intermediate training curriculum with [6] six to [9] nine month; one-on-one, hands on apprentice / licensure training program specializing in Cosmetic Tattooing exceeding national & state recognized [1] one to [2] two week certification training programs; including national, state & county regulated licensure requirements.


Fee for
Two Procedures
Per Week
Five Procedures
Per Week
Ten Procedures
Per Week

Permanent Cosmetic Institute: St. Louis

Permanent Cosmetics Is An Emerging and Profitable Field

Financial projections are based upon the assumption that the technician will charge a minimum of $350 per procedure. Financial projections do not include additional expenses (pigment, supplies, etc.). (Source)

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