Permanent Cosmetics is a mastered art and is regulated as a form of tattooing in the state of Missouri. Regulations vary per state. It is recommended to verify an individual's artistry, training and licensure vs. certificates as credentials.  Here at Flawless & Permanent Cosmetics Training Institute St. Louis (MO), we meet all state inspections and licensure for tattoo establishments.

Microblading and Cosmetic Tattooing is typically a 3-step building process.
  1.  All procedures need to be completed within 6-months of original application for it to be considered a complete process 'before' any more procedures can be applied.
  2. Any maintenance procedures must be performed within 2-years of last visit.
  3. The pigment can remain in the skin for a number of years but, the colors will breakdown and fade within time.


Another factor to consider is that its longevity will depend on how well you take care of the procedural area while it is healing. Using a total sunblock after the procedure areas has completely healed will increase the life of your tattoo. The darker the pigment color, such as with black or dark brown, the longer it will remain unchanged in your skin. However, more natural, delicate colors are sometimes vulnerable to the effects of the sun and swimming and breakdown of the body. 

As a general rule, eyeliner and lip color have the longest longevity. We recommend yearly color touchup refreshers.

The state of Missouri regulates permanent cosmetics as tattooing and required that any person(s) performing a permanent cosmetics procedure in Missouri must meet additional licensure under the Missouri State Board of Tattooing, Branding and Piercing. FLAWLESS Permanent Cosmetics & Permanent Cosmetics Training Institute-St Louis meets all the State Licensure requirements. M.D. Supervised. 

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